5 Signs That Show You Do Not Have Enough Blood In Your Body & The Foods You Need To Eat

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Lack of blood which is medically refered to as, anemia occurs when a person does not have enough red blood cells in their body. There are different types of anemia and each type is caused by something different. 

Some types of Anemia like; iron deficiency anemia and vitamin anemia can be prevented but other types of anemia cannot be prevented rather, they can only be treated. Toddlers, infants, people who are up to 65 years and women have a higher risk of having anemia.

When a person becomes anemic there are certain signs they will notice, however, some people may not be aware of the signs of anemia which could be dangerous.

Here Are Five Signs That Shows You Do Not Have Enough Blood In Your Body

1. Rapid Heartbeat: a person’s heart is meant to have a rythme and beat in a particular way. People’s heart only beats fast after a strenuous physical activity or, during stress.

So, when your heartbeat becomes abnormally fast for no apparent reason, it might be a sign that you are anemic.

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