5 Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment That May Do More Harm Than Good

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2. Tears in exercise bands can cause broken ribs.

In a very sad example, a man was doing his exercise using a band that was strapped to a door, when it suddenly broke. The man fell backward and sideways and broke several ribs and a few bones around his right eye. While he’s had 2 surgeries since the accident, doctors can’t be sure whether he will fully regain his eyesight. This is only one example of how exercise bands can severely injure you if you don’t check that they’re in good shape and securely fastened.

Instead, you can invest in some sliders or gliders that force the muscles of your entire body to participate. They offer too much instability and need all of your muscles to partake in order to do all the exercises. They can make your workouts very intense, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or falling from somewhere. They are ideal for those who weightlift since they train your muscles without you needing to actually lift any weights.

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