Top 9 Best Basic Woodturning Tips for Beginners

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Woodturning is becoming quite a popular hobby. Many curious builders get started every single day.

It is important to learn how to use basic tools, proper technique, and other basic skills in order to get the most out of this hobby.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of our top 10 best woodturning tips for beginners. Let us know if you have something else to add by writing in the comment section below.

1. Sharp Tools are a Must

The common misconception among beginners is that your tools will stay sharp forever. After all, once you hold a roughing gouge in your hand, the impression is that it is a long lasting tool with a very robust blade.

Although it may last a while, it is extremely important to check and sharpen your tools during your journey.

Why Sharpen Wood Lathe Tools

Safety – It may not seem obvious at first, but working with dull tools will put your safety at risk. You will be working with material spinning at up to 500 RPM. If your tool is shearing the grain instead of making clean cuts, you are subject to it being ripped out of your hands. At those speeds and forces, the outcomes are unpredictable.

Accuracy – As you work with different tools and pieces of wood, you will start noticing how effective and precise your tools are. As the tool becomes duller, it will begin cutting irregular chunks, leave greater marks and occasionally take off more than wanted.

Ease of Work – During the process of woodworking, your hands are subjected to the forces generated by the cutting motion. Working with a dull tool will have a much greater impact on your wrist and joints. not to mention, it will reduce the enjoyment of the hobby.

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