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Choosing wristwatches can be quite challenging especially when you want to look smart, and at the same time reflect your personality with the wearable.
As the world evolves, fashion we know has been a committed follower of this evolution, and as time goes on, it has been a piece that has subtly crept its way into the fashion scene, trying to establish itself! The humble wristwatch has made itself more valuable as it now offers more than just its beauty and the simple time, but as it can speak one’s language, and perform a number of novel and practical tricks which a vintage wristwatch could only marvel at.
The various available brands and designs help you look for what speak to your sense of style and status. With the ‘smart’ language of this present era where everything is ‘smartly done’, then trust us when we say our list has got you covered as it will help you navigate the remaining of your 2016 very ‘smartly.’

5. Pebble Time

This is arguably the first modern smartwatch that went mainstream; the original Pebble is still going strong two years after launch. But for Pebblers wanting to upgrade, look no further than the now-shipping Pebble Time. Everything that made the original brilliant is still on board: that affordable price, an impressive seven-day battery life and both iPhone and Android compatibility.
There are also some serious upgrades to both the software and hardware, the most notable of which are the new colour e-paper screen and the revamped Timeline OS. This Smartwatch is best for techies.

4. Garmin Vivoactive

Before the Garmin Vivoactive was released, the perfect fitness device for the truly active person was a pipe dream. Arguably Garmin’s first smartwatch, the Vivoactive promises full notifications on the wrist and a dizzying array of sports tracking for a relatively low price.
With running, cycling, swimming, golf and a whole lot more all on board, Garmin has combined an incredible set of fitness features with top notch notifications to create the first truly every day sports wearable. This Smartwatch is great for sporting activities.

3. Sony Smartwatch 3

The Sony SmartWatch 3 was the envy of its rivals, thanks to its built-in GPS connectivity, which means you can leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run, how cool is that’s?
The sports styling make it perfect for a weekend jog, and while the screen is a little dull compared to some of its rivals, the latest Android Wear update means it can pair with wireless headphones for beats on the go. The Steel edition adds a touch of class to the smartwatch that we can all agree offers the most bang for your smartwatch buck. This wearable is perfect for an Android alternative wear option.

2. Samsung Gear S2

As easy to live with as a Pebble, as slick as an Apple Watch and with a tactile, rotating bezel as its secret weapon, the S2 is the kind of smartwatch you don’t want to leave at home. You’ll have to pay extra for the cellular version to make the most of the GPS features, but even the standard version feels like a leap forward.
The battery life is better than most rivals, and if you’ve used Android Wearwatches, you’ll know that the Samsung’s smartwatch beats them hands down.

1. Apple Watch

Whether you find the Apple Watch the leading example of fashion blended with tech or a boxy abomination is down to personal taste. But for your money, it’s one of the best-looking smartwatches made to date (especially when paired with a quality Apple Watch strap) and, coming in two sizes, is one of the most unisex as well.
The build quality is superb, and the footprint of both the 38mm and 42mm watch is much smaller than you’d expect. Despite its flaws (poor sports features and the lack of GPS), the Apple Watch was one of the first wearables that were actually a pleasure to wear and best for iOS.

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