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There are different things which are used to make and produce different products and have greater value for the people. Things when fully made have higher value among the people and are sold at high prices. There are scores of forests in the world which are now used to obtain lumber for making different articles. Timber is used to make different artefacts like furniture, decoration pieces, slides, window, doors and many others. There are different types of lumber available in the world which have different values, and the best one is sold for the highest price in the market because of its look and durability. The main reason for their high prices is their features and characteristics which are rare in the market. Wood is used for most of the residential and commercial uses and also medication as well. Wood is classified according to its type and properties, and also, people select them according to the use. Wood is one of the primary products to be utilized in the world commonly for different purposes.

10 – Pink Ivory Wood

Pink Ivory is commonly called as the Red Ivory which is considered as one of the rare African wood available in the market. It is used for the making of different products including knives and billiard cues. This wood is mainly cultivated from the trees located in Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is very hard kind of timber which has the best quality. Pink Ivory belongs to the high tree type, and only limited quantity of these trees are available to be cut down not all because of their rarity and great value.

9 – Sandalwood

Sandalwood is named as one of the most expensive timber. It is named after the classy and luxurious wood which is obtained from the fragrant tree called genus Santalum. It is a medium sized tree and the lumber collected from this tree is massive and elegant. Its wood also contains sweet fragrance and can hold it for many decades because it is their feature. It also consists of the abundance of oils in it which is extracted from it by using it for different purpose according to the needs.

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