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Trends of the past are making a comeback in web and print design with an innovative and modern flair. As the era of high-wasted jeans and big sleeves make their way out of storage or into fashion magazines, 2018 will be the year of revitalizing old trends into modern and contemporary graphic design. With a world of a thousand distractions, it’s time to differentiate and take a chance with bold type, attention-getting color and extraordinary simplified animated GIFs. Discover the 10 influential graphic design trends that will make an impact in 2018 below.


In 2018, last year’s flat and minimal design evolves into one with brilliant color. The once shunned gradients are making a come back, but in a more unique way. They are being added to minimal design combined with flat color to portray a modern feel. Whether it’s a gradient background to highlight a new product or a duotone image with a gradient overlay, bold and vivid gradients draw attention and add radiating personality. Choosing color must be done wisely, and matching gradients with an image to create balance can be tricky. Websites such as and offer great examples of gradient color use.


Differentiate your product or service with unconventional color schemes – this means going out of your comfort zone. A unique color palette gives you the opportunity to be more expressive, especially when a promotion is competing for consideration. This trend is especially popular on social media where the fight for attention is constant and challenging. Fast Company is taking advantage of a plethora of unconventional colors to diversify themselves and effectively grab your eye.

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