Top 10 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2018 Reviews

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The Apple Watch has been one of their most anticipated products since the iPhone. It is something new that a lot of people saw coming and Apple was a bit late to the party but it did not disappoint. The Apple Watch is a gorgeous device and fits perfectly into the ecosystem. While the competition developed products that struggled with compatibility issues with multiple devices, the Apple Watch simply worked without a single hiccup.

Despite being a watch it is still a sensitive device. We do not think much about protecting regular watches but the Apple Watch is a whole different story. Not only that it is much more expensive than a regular watch but it is also an advanced piece of technology. It has a small touchscreen and this means it is more sensitive to scratches and physical damage. This means it will need at least a screen protectors.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2018

It is highly unlikely to get damaged by drops since it is a watch but the screen can still get scratches. Before smart watches were a thing very few even thought that they will even use protective films for their watches but things have changed.

What Type Of Screen Protector To Go For?

There are several different types of screen protectors for the Apple Watch. Unlike the ones for smartphones that only use a thin film layer, for the watch they can also come in the form of small cases. The level of protection is different but surely, a case will take away some of the beauty of the Apple Watch. Film protectors are usually less noticeable but they do make the touchscreen just a bit more unresponsive. For our list we decided to include both types. We found several cases and multiple film protectors work great with the Apple Watch without costing too much. With these things said let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best Apple Watch screen protectors in 2018.

1. Amazingforless Premium Glass Screen Protector

The Amazingforless glass screen protector is an cheap and effective solution for the ones that need better protection for their Apple Watch. It is a premium screen protector made out of high quality glass with a hardness of 9H. It is a 38 mm model that covers only the flat area of the watch. Inside the kit the manufacturers included 2 tempered glass screen protectors, a dust cloth and cleaning wipes. Being such a small screen protectors the installation should be easy especially since it is glass and it is less likely to have air pockets formed.

The manufacturers clearly stated that it is a 38 mm screen protector. This means it will only cover the display itself and not the edges. Some might see this as a turnoff as if it would cover the entire glass surface of the watch it would have offered better protection.

Pros: Cons:
  • Affordable
  • Comes as a kit of two
  • High durability tempered glass
  • Only covers the screen itself and not the edges

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2. Fivefish Ultra-Thin TPU Screen Protector Case

The Fivefish ultra-thin TPU screen protector case is a good pick for the ones that are also concerned about dropping their Apple watch. It is a 38 mm model which means that it fits the Series 1 watch. Using it on Series 2 will end up having the speaker and the mic covered. Due to its design the case offers complete 360 degrees protection. It is very thin and easy to snap on. The model is mostly recommended to active individuals as it also protects the watch from moisture such as sweat.

Looking at the price tag the model is indeed appealing. It does take away the beauty of the watch but being made out of clear TPU helps out a bit. What seems to be like a negative side is the fact that it is quite difficult to take off.

Pros: Cons:
–          Excellent protection against scratches and physical damage–          Affordable

–          Easy to install

–          Difficult to take it off

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