The best camera for photography in 2020: top cameras, whatever your skill level!

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Need some help choosing the best camera? We pick out cameras for beginners, snappers, enthusiasts and pros Trying to recommend the best camera is a minefield, because it depends on what kind of photographer you are! So we’ve split our guide up into four sections for users at all levels and all budgets.

We’ve covered the whole spectrum of cameras in our guide, from pocket-sized point and shoot cameras that can be used by the whole family, right up to professional-spec DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that can enable dedicated photographers to really push their skills up a notch. But this is an overall guide that only scratches the surface, so if you want to see more cameras in each of these categories, just click on the links provided.

You’ve probably heard about DSLR vs mirrorless camera debate too. In reality, both types have their advantages and drawbacks, so don’t assume that one is necessarily better than the other – and we include both types in our list. While DSLRs are chunkier to grip and often available for a great price, especially at the cheaper end of the market, the best mirrorless cameras tend to be smaller and lighter and often are perfect for video – many have flip-around screens for selfies and vlogging.

This best camera guide sticks to regular camera types like compact cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. They’re not the only choice these days, of course, so you might also want to check out the best action cams, best camera drones or the best cameras for vlogging.

What camera should I buy?
The first thing to ask yourself is what short of camera user are you…

We realise there are all sorts of photographers out there with all sorts of different needs, so we’ve split our guide up into sections so that you can jump straight to the cameras that sound like they suit your needs… or you can keep swiping/scrolling and look at them all!

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