The 25 Best Apple Watch Series 4 Tips and Tricks

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2. Customize Infographic Watch Face

One of the best things about the new Apple Watch design is the bigger screens. And there’s a new watch face that will let you take advantage of all the new screen real estate.

Force Touch on the watch face, swipe to the end and add the Infographic watch face. This watch face allows you to add eight different complications on one screen! Plus a calendar appointment that shows up in the dial itself.

That’s a lot of complications! Instead of setting up 2-3 different modular watch faces, you can now have one watch face that shows all your stats, activity, shortcuts and more.

3. Try New Visual Watch Faces

There are a couple of really nice watch faces that make use of the curved edges of the Apple Watch Series 4. Try the Fire, Water, and Vapor faces.

4. Mute Apple Watch

One of the first things I like to do after setting up an Apple Watch is to mute it. By default, it makes a sound every time you get a notification. And there’s no need for that. Apple Watch’s haptic feedback is really good by itself.

Swipe up to reveal the Control Center and tap on the Bell icon to enable Silent mode.

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