The 12 Best Fishing Watches

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Whether you are a fisherman who prefers fishing out on open waters or sitting back and relaxing on the shore, a good fishing watch can simplify your time in nature. They come with water resistance, GPS features, warn you when temperatures are dropping or getting higher, tide-showing functionality, pressure barometers, and other features. Some of them are so smart they can even tell you if the day is good for fishing or not.

Everyone from seasoned fishermen to novices can reap the benefits of such a watch. The fishing community often overlooks them as a tool, but they can improve your time in nature tremendously. If you want to get one, have a look at these 12 best fishing watches.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting & Fishing Watch

As a well-established brand in the outdoor industry, a list of outdoor-related watches is not complete without Suunto. Their Traverse Alpha Hunting & Fishing Watch was made for fishermen who need to rely on their watch in various weather conditions. That’s also why it made it to the top of our list.This watch comes with an anti-reflective surface along with an excellent resolution, allowing you great readability when the sun prevents you from getting the information you want from it. Moreover, pressing the three crown buttons will illuminate the case, letting you fish without the risk of scaring the fish by using a lantern.

This watch is also equipped with a barometer pressure detector and a built-in digital thermostat. This feature will come handy when the fish won’t bite because it will give you all the necessary information to determine if you are in waters with low-activity underwater life. Move around and let your watch help you find the best spot for fishing.

The Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting & Fishing Watch is stylish as well. You can wear it with any type of wardrobe. It is a low-profile watch that can fit various styles. Just put it on and relax. You don’t have to think about how it looks like because it rocks.


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