Misconceptions About Charging Devices That We Probably Should Stop Believing

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It’s 2018 but we still worry about that charger we left in the power socket, the iron we forgot to unplug, the laptop we left on all night, and to discharge the phone to 0% so that the battery won’t break. Do we need to continue to worry about these things? Or can we be “bad guys” and leave our phones charging?

At Bright Side, we’ve decided to learn more about these common questions. Because while the devices we’re using every day are new, our knowledge about them may be old.

Myth № 1: You shouldn’t charge your phone overnight.

Thanks to modern lithium-ion batteries, you can easily charge your phone overnight. These kinds of batteries have controllers that stop charging when the battery is full. So don’t be scared of starting a fire or that your battery will break upon charging.

The only thing you may want to worry about is overheating the phone. Because the heat-exchange is not perfect, it may not be the best idea to charge your phone overnight. In order to avoid buying such a model, read its reviews carefully.

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