How to Become Taller and Get Perfect Posture in 1 Week

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Alice Robinson from England tested several popular techniques and managed to become 1.5 cm taller in a week thanks to stretching her spinal column and increasing the interverbral disk height by 1-2 mm. Correct posture will add anither inch to your height.

We at Bright Side would like to share what to do to become taller.

You actually become taller even while you’re asleep. 10 minutes of lying on your back adds 5 mm of height. This happens due to the shrinking of the spine during the day and its returning to shape when you lie down.

You can make this last by doing certain exercises, although remember that an adult whose growth zones have closed (>25 years old) won’t get any astonishing results.

To become taller by riding a bike, adjust the seat so that you have to stretch your legs to reach the pedals. Don’t place it too high, though, or you can damage your joints.

This is an easy exercise. You don’t need to do chin-ups: just hang on to the bar, stay like this for as long as you can, and gradually increase the time. The exercise helps strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles.

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