How Screwed Is The Watch Industry Thanks To The Apple Watch?

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During the launch of the Apple Watch, myself and thousands of other bloggers tried to take in the information, while at the same time covering the news, given our own perspectives on the watch or technology industry. Apple even asked a lot of fashion bloggers to attend the Apple Watch launch, which was a curious thing, until you realized that there were about 34 different versions of the Apple Watch, to begin with, that will be available when the smartwatches begin shipping sometime in early 2015. Most notably, a range of versions in full 18k gold or rose gold cases.

While Apple has not released a lot of the technical specifications about the Apple Watch, there is enough information available for myself and many other people to have a good idea of what the Apple Watch will do, how it might fit into people’s lives, and how it fits next to the competition. The question today is whether or not that competition is limited to other wearables and smartwatches, or to other more traditional watches from the low- to high-end.

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