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Apple Watch 4 is not only the most impressive Apple Watch yet, but it is comfortably the most fully featured smartwatch I have ever tested. It’s Apple’s best, most thought-out release in years.


The Apple Watch 4 is the best smartwatch I have ever used.


  • Feels great to wear
  • Screen is gorgeous
  • Huge amount of strap options
  • Fantastic array of fitness and health features
  • It motivates you so well to be active


  • It won’t last multiple days without needing a charge
  • Still won’t track sleep natively
  • No always-on display is irritating

    Key Features

    • Review Price: £399
    • Two sizes: 40 and 44mm
    • OLED display
    • 18-hour battery life
    • ECG
    • HRM
    • WatchOS 5

    What is the Apple Watch 4?

    Out of the all the products Apple unveiled during its September event – which include the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR – it was the Apple Watch Series 4 that really stood out. This is because, while the bevy of iPhones received minor updates, Apple’s wearable was completely redesigned.

    When the Apple Watch was first released it felt like a complete dud. It was slow, lacked focus and, for me, spent more time on the charger than on my wrist. The turnaround since that initial release has been tremendous as Apple has spent the last few years removing superfluous features and focusing on redesigning the Watch as a fitness aid rather than a notification tool.
    With the Watch Series 4, Apple has crafted its best smartwatch yet.

    Apple Watch Series 4 – Price

    Here’s full pricing for the Apple Watch Series 4:

    • GPS 40mm – from £399/$399
    • GPS 44mm – from £429/$429
    • GPS and LTE 40mm – from £499/$499
    • GPS and LTE 44mm – from £529/$529
    • GPS and LTE 40mm Stainless Steel – from £699/$699
    • GPS and LTE 44mm Stainless Steel – from £749/$749

      Apple Watch 4 – Design and straps

      There’s been little change in the design of the Apple Watch since its introduction – until now. The Series 4 is the first real reinvention of the wearable. I say reinvention, but if you’re familiar with previous Apple Watches then you’ll instantly feel at home with the Apple Watch Series 4.

      Unlike the majority of Wear OS wearables, the Apple Watch 4 retains the square display, having decided against making it circular. Personally, I prefer this – I often find circular smartwatches try too hard to mimic ‘proper’ mechanical watches and end up looking like cheap knock-offs. Then again, by keeping the squared-off look there is still a hint of ‘computer on your wrist’ about the Apple Watch that some might not like.


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