Apple Watch Series 4 Features Most Comprehensive Health & Spec Update To Date

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Today we visited the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s sprawling new Cupertino campus to see the company formally debut the newly designed and re-engineered Apple Watch Series 4 and its most comprehensive set of updates since its first iteration launched in 2015. As widely speculated, the Apple Watch Series 4 is built with a slimmer, albeit wider case, a bigger screen and a new digital crown with haptic feedback. But the real surprise here is an impressive twin-sensor “ECG” electrical heart rate monitor, yielding a depth of fitness tracking, and long-term wellness monitoring capabilities that have not been tapped by any consumer-ready wearable device to date. These updates solidify this fourth generation as far more than a timekeeping or communications device, but one that has the potential to usher in the lifestyle and behavioral changes promised three years ago. Is the term “watch” finally a misnomer? It’s starting to look that way.

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