Apple Watch Series 3 vs Apple Watch Series 1: Should you spend more?

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Apple Watch Series 3 vs Apple Watch Series 1: With two different Apple Watch models now available, what are the differences and is it worth spending extra for the latest model?

When Apple debuted the new Apple Watch Series 3, it came as a surprise to some that the Apple Watch Series 1 would remain on sale. That was until it became clear that the difference between the Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 3 was not that pronounced.

It therefore made perfect sense to keep the cheaper Apple Watch Series 1 model around as an alternative for those not wanting to spend big money on the latest model. So with two models of Apple Watch still on sale, you might be wondering what the differences are.

Thankfully, this article will answer just that very question.

Apple Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 1 – Design and display

While the Apple Watch has gone through multiple iterations, one thing has remained consistent all the way back to the first model: the design. Apple is still one of few companies to stick to a squared-off design when everyone else is opting for circular faces. There are still 38mm and 42mm options for both models, catering for different wrist sizes or those who prefer smaller or larger watch faces.

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