A New Fat-Burning Leg Workout That Can Help You Rejuvenate Your Body

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Doing one exercise daily can be more useful than going to the gym once a week, according to the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston. And we found the perfect exercise: it doesn`t require special equipment — just a bottle of water — and it only takes up to 15 minutes. You`ll be blown away by the results.

Bright Side loves discovering new exercises for a beautiful and healthy body, and we can’t help but share them with you! This super-simple workout is exactly what you need to achieve the perfect shape.

The bottle exercise may seem too simple — who can`t hold a bottle between their legs? Besides the fact that it activates the inner and outer thigh, the glutes, the abdominal muscles, and the lower back, fat layers become thinner and it also reduces swelling, tightens all the leg muscles, and tones the whole body.

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