A 9-Minute Workout for a Flat Belly and Slender Waist

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Every woman wants to have a slender waist. But doing a bunch of crunches isn’t always going to cut it. In fact, there are some abdominal exercises that actually enlarge the waist. How can you achieve results, avoid mistakes and learn about effective exercises to get the shape you want?

Bright Side has collected some great tips from experienced coaches to find out how to finally get a thinner waistline.

What affects the body shape?

Indeed, the look of a person’s waist depends on the type of figure they have. Depending on if you have an ’hourglass’ or ’pear’ body type, you may be able to maintain your shape even when you gain weight. ’Ruler’ and ’apple’ body types who gain extra weight tend to get shapely in their upper body parts.

Coaches collectively say, these 3 things are harmful to any waistline:

  • weight gain
  • protruding belly
  • bad posture

A healthy waist does not appear by itself, it is the result of taking good care of the body. But there are ways to make it appear more shapely depending on how you choose to dress and carry yourself.

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