A 21-Day Walking Plan That Can Help You Kick the Excess Weight Out of Your Body

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Week 2

  • Day 8 — Here we start off with 2 minutes of easy, normal walking to warm up, then 10 minutes of fast-walking, and then we finish off with 2 minutes of easy walking to cool down.
  • Day 9 — This consists of only 20 minutes of walking at a moderate pace.
  • Day 10 — On day 10 we increase the time, so we start off with 5 minutes walking at an easy pace, then 12 minutes of fast-walking and, again, we cool off with another 5 minutes of regular walking.
  • Day 11 — Here we do 10 minutes of walking at a moderate pace again.
  • Day 12 — Like before, we start off with 5 minutes at an easy pace, then we continue with 15 minutes of fast-walking, and finish the workout off with another 5 to cool down.
  • Day 13 — On this day, we do another 20 minutes of moderate pace.
  • Day 14 — Our last day of week 2 starts off 5 minutes easy, then 18 minutes of fast-walking and, of course, another 5 to end the week with.
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