9 Common Reasons Why You Might Feel Dizzy and When to Worry

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Dizziness and lightheadedness are not the same, even though a lot of people mistake them when describing their symptoms to physicians. The latter might result from common habits that you can easily change, but dizziness can also indicate other underlying conditions.

Today at Bright Side we’d like to create awareness about some simple symptoms that can help you understand what’s happening to your body. Don’t miss out on the bonus at the end of the article where you’ll find out the difference between vertigo and lightheadedness!

1. Dehydration

Sometimes the solution to the greatest problems is just a glass of water. Dehydration or overheating can decrease your blood’s volume. This makes circulation harder, meaning that your brain gets less oxygen.

How to fix it: Drink enough water, especially if you’re sick.

When to see a doctor? If you’ve had about 2 liters of water and still feel dizzy you might have an underlying condition.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common state, whether we realize it or not, and one of the symptoms can be lightheadedness or even dizziness. Our body reacts by hyperventilating and if the feeling doesn’t go away, a small rush of adrenaline can spark lightheadedness when it reaches your brain.

How to fix it: Try breathing in and out normally and find a place to sit.

When to see a doctor? If your anxiety becomes unmanageable, you might be suffering from a panic attack. Then you absolutely have to ask for help.

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