8 Exercises That Can Help Women Brag About a Fit Feminine Body

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When you think of a gorgeous feminine body, you probably imagine Jennifer Aniston or Adriana Lima. It is all about being lean, and having good muscle tone and thin waist — without looking like a bodybuilder. And there are some exercises that can help women find a balance and stay fit and feminine.

We at Bright Side respect each and every girl and found 8 exercises that can be the key to your perfect body, and you can even do them at home. There is also a bonus for you at the end of the article!

1. Not just crunches, but crunches with twists

This exercise is called a Russian twist and it strengthens your core and obliques:

  1. Lie down on the floor and place your feet either under something to hold them or up in the air. Bend your legs at the knees.
  2. Elevate your upper body to make V-shape. Your arms should be in front of you and perpendicular to your torso.
  3. Twist your torso to the right side, then to the left side.
  4. Lie down. Try to complete a 30 second to 1-minute set.
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