7 Things That May Cause Lower Back Pain and How to Avoid Them

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If your back is killing you, you’re not alone. Half of working Americans are familiar with this annoying aching feeling in the lower part of the back. And although many people opt for medication to relieve the pain, that’s not always the most effective way to deal with it. In fact, changing some things we do on a daily basis can help us to cut the problem at its roots.

We at Bright Side decided to take a closer look at the seemingly harmless daily habits that can eventually twist your spine.

1. You wear tight skirts and high heels.

While pencil skirts can turn heads, they can also give you an aching back. Tight skirts can restrict movement in your hips, which causes strain on your spine. The same happens when you put on a pair of high heels: these shoes position your feet at an unnatural height, which in turn causes the muscles in your lower back to shift. To enjoy fashion without sacrificing your health, opt for skirts that allow your legs to move freely, and choose shoes with heels that are under 2 inches.

2. You’re drinking soda often.

Sipping sugary drinks isn’t the healthiest way to keep your energy up, and in addition to many other health risks, they can worsen your back pain too. The habit of drinking sugary soda can result in kidney stones which can cause severe pain in your back. Drinking carbonated beverages also leads to gas getting stuck in your digestive system, and puts pressure on your spine. If your back hurts after having a glass of coke, it might be time to think about increasing your water intake.

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