7 Mediterranean backpacking trips to take this summer

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Planning a trip on a budget can be tough – but it gets a whole lot easier if you’re the outdoorsy type! Backpacking is perhaps the most cost-efficient option for sightseers who want to trot the globe on a dime.

Instead of hopping on a pricey Mediterranean cruise, get up close and personal with nature by hiking through these gorgeous countries. Pack up your bag with the essentials and prepare to be amazed.

1. France

From the sweeping fields of the French countryside all the way to the top of the snow-capped mountains, France offers so much more than its crowded capital city.

Plan a day trip to Paris, of course, but focus your efforts on rewarding, rugged hikes through the Alps or the French Riviera. Camping is easy in France, but for those who prefer more structured accommodations, youth hostels and cheap hotels are abundant throughout the country.

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