7 Exercises to Get Rid of Insomnia, Lung Issues, Back Pain, and Headaches

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Exercising and yoga have both been around for centuries due to their benefits for your mental and physical health. Not only are they useful for getting healthier and longer sleep, but they can also work wonders against various lung issues, back pain, and headaches.

We at Bright Side gathered a list of 7 cures for your sleepless and painful nights.

Plow Pose

Plow pose, or Halasana, is magical when it comes to improving your spine’s flexibility and back health. It stretches every single part of your body while helping you calm your mind before getting ready to go to sleep.

Lying on your back, rest your arms beside your stomach. Inhale and put your feet up until they’re at a 90-degree angle. You need to support your hips while you’re lifting your body so as not to damage your lower back.

Continue moving your feet up until they’re shadowing your head and then lower them onto the floor beyond your head. Lift your thighs and tailbone. Create space between your chin and your chest.

Wheel Pose

The wheel pose, or Urdhva Dhanurasana, will boost your spirit so effortlessly, you’ll have great dreams at night. It stretches your spine, abdomen, and neck and helps with blood circulation, filling your mind with positives thoughts, and opening up your lungs for deeper inhalation.

The pose begins in the position of lying on your back with your heels connected together (shava mudra). Raise your straight leg at a 90-degree angle and rest your hands behind your head without lifting them off the ground which is extremely important for full chest opening. While smoothly and slowly rounding the spine, move your legs in the direction of your palms, rounding the back, and putting the tips of your toes in the middle of your palms.


Folding your back is essential to strengthening your spine and keeping the blood flowing to your brain so that your mind is free of stressful thoughts before bed.

Stand straight with your feet in line with your shoulders. Take a deep breath and stretch upward, then breathe out and relax the muscles of your back and neck and lower your spine. Your neck and your arms should be free of any movement. Feel how each one of your back muscles stretches under your weight.

Hold this position for 3 or 4 breaths. Get back into your previous position, straightening your spine.

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