7 Easy Steps to Turn a Beautiful Wood Pen on your Lathe

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7 Easy Steps to Turn a Beautiful Wood Pen on your Lathe

Getting into Wood Turning can be quite exciting. One day you are making furniture, the next you are carving bowls and today we will be looking at how to make a wood pen out of lumber blank. Making a pen is quite a rewarding experience and is usually one of the first projects you can do on your lathe. It takes little previous knowledge, but teaches you to be meticulous with your tools and provides you with a very satisfying experience and reward at the enc. This article will walk you through everything you need to do in order to complete this exciting endeavor.

1. Acquiring the Wood Pen Blanks & Internal Mechanism

You will need two items for this project. Although it would be nice to make this happen with wood alone, you do need the internal pen mechanism to make the final product appealing. There are many options for both of those and we recommend that you shop around especially for the different types of wood. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Pen Kit – Legacy Woodturning, Slimline Pen Kit
  • Wood Pen Blanks – Pen Blank Variety Pack- Bloodwood, Cocobolo, Padauk, YellowHeart, Jatoba (10-Pack)

Many types of wood are used for pen making. It isn’t exactly critical to pick one over another and is typically a matter of preference. Some of the most sought after types of pens are made out of Cherry, Ebony, Maple and other types of rare woods. We recommend going based on your personal preference and getting inspired by searching for pictures online.

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