25+ Most Amazing Things Found In Space

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Space is full of strange things and human still don’t know much about them. NASA and other space agencies launch their satellites every year to study the numerous unsolved questions about the universe. While exploring the space, many strange things were discovered. Some of the most amazing things found in space include a star made of diamond, black hole triplet and an asteroid with rings. Let’s travel into the mysterious galaxy and find out some of the most bizarre things ever discovered by scientists in the outer space.

26. Sombrero Galaxy

The Sombrero Galaxy is a spiral galaxy located 28 million light years from earth. It has a bright sun and circled by a disk of dust. This galaxy is considered to be the brightest galaxy within some regions of the Milky Way.

25. A Star 1500 Times the Sun

A Star 1500 Times the Sun

Our Sun is 109 times larger than the earth and occupies the 99 percent of the solar system’s mass. Now imagine a star that is over 1500 times the Sun. VY Canis Majoris (one of the most luminous star) is around 1.9 billion km in diameter and located 3900 light years from earth.

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