23 Tips for taking Amazing Travel Photos

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How can I take better photos? Everyone wants to know how to take a great shot whether it be with a camera phone or your DSLR. Travelers are probably the most curious! They aren’t just taking pictures they are capturing memories. Here are a few things to try on your next trip to take your pictures to the next level!

1. Envision, Plan, then Create

Think about your picture. When would be the best time to take it, at what angle, which lens should I use, how close should I get, etc. Really great pictures take a little planning, rarely do you happen upon a perfect shot or model. Make each photo “your own,” whether it be a little bit different lighting or composition, make it feel personal.

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2. Get High!

Knowing how to take great photos means being able to see things from an interesting or unusual perspective. So often we look at events or attractions from ground level but taking to a high spot where you can get a bird’s eye view can provide you with a different perspective entirely. It can allow you to take pictures of things you didn’t see on the group and it takes out a clustered skyline which can potentially ruin a good picture!

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