The 10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

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Are you a hiking enthusiast that likes to hike to the limits? Maybe you’d just like to watch the amazing pictures while letting others take the risks instead.

If you look around in the world, it’s completely filled with incredible views that we find absolutely stunning. Quite often, we are drawn to these places and hope that there’s a hiking trail for us to get there. However, sometimes that trial can be quite dangerous.


The two are often linked together: spectacular views and dangerous places. Lots of hiking enthusiasts go to remote locations, rough terrain and overcome major challenges. To get there sometimes takes a lot of courage to face the dangerous man-made hiking trails. These trails are not meant for the beginner hiker and definitely not for those for the feint of heart.

The dangers that we’re speaking of are:

  • Wooden planks suspended thousands of feet in the air
  • Chains hanging from the side of a cliff
  • Narrow steps the width of one foot width
  • Bridges that swing while crossing
  • Wooden Ladders that are miles high with squeaky nails
  • Locations that are filled with dangerous wildlife

With those in mind, take a look at these trails!

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