21 Amazing Apple Watch Tips Sure To Impress!

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I must admit I have really grown to love my Apple Watch!  Every since I received my watch (the very day it came out) my watch collection is just gathering dust.  This has become my only watch of choice and for good reason. Not many can complain that the Apple Watch is great for telling the time but there’s so much more that this timepiece does and here are 21 Apple Watch tips every owner should know!

1. Quickly Go Back To Your Last Used App On Apple Watch

To view the last app that you used double tap your Digital Crown and that will take you back to that last app.


2. Clear Apple Watch Notifications



In order to clear an individual notification swipe down to reveal notifications and scroll to the message you want to delete.  Next swipe to the left and press the “X” to delete it.
You can clear all of your notifications at one time by swiping down on your Apple Watch (which will show you your notifications) then just firmly press only the screen to activate Force Touch and you’ll see Clear All.  Click the “X” and you’re done!

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