7 Unhealthy Things You Have Been Doing When Using The Toilet

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Everyday we use the toilet to bath, urinate or defecate. However, according to brightside, the toilet contains 3.2 million bacteria. This bacteria can be easily spread. This is why it is important to keep your toilet neat and to avoid doing certain unhealthy things that can make you prone to bacteria. Here are some of the unhealthy things we do in the toilet.

1) Using your phone in the toilet :

A lot of people use their phones in the toilet if they are bored or have something important to do. However, this is very wrong as bacteria in the toilet can stick to your phone which can make you sick.

2) Flushing the toilet when it is open :

According to research, flushing the toilet while it is open can make you get infections. This is because when you flush the toilet, droplets of water are sprayed in the air and the bacteria from this droplets can make you sick.

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