5 Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment That May Do More Harm Than Good

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4. Pull-up bars can make you land badly.

Many houses, either because they’re old or because they’re not built strong enough, can’t hold a pull-up bar. Many people have had their bars fall, resulting in minor or very serious injuries. One woman was even paralyzed after she did a complicated exercise and the bar collapsed. In another case, the screws of a bar bent, and the man exercising fell flat on his face, injuring himself.

A safer but equally good exercise would be to take a towel and wrap it around a door’s handles. What you need to do first is place a mat under the door to keep yourself in place, and make sure the hinges of the door are strong enough. You can then start your pull-ins by squatting down in a half-seated position while extending your arms. Then you pull your body toward the door frame and repeat the whole exercise.

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