5 Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment That May Do More Harm Than Good

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Home exercise equipment can not only be hazardous to those who use them, but also to young children who treat them as giant toys. With adults, the most common reason they have accidents at home is because they don’t check their equipment first. They simply assume that everything is in great shape and ready for them to use. But you should remember that you’re not at the gym where professionals have already checked everything out before you arrived.

Bright Side wants to share 5 pieces of exercise equipment that could leave you injured and explain what you can use as an alternative.

1. Foam rolls can worsen varicose veins.

Using a foam roller on your legs can increase blood flow, improve your flexibility, and help your muscles heal faster. However, if you have varicose veins, the increased blood flow isn’t necessarily a good thing. The pressure applied to them can make the pain and discomfort worse instead of relieving it, causing the veins to become more inflated. By doing this, you don’t treat the issue at its core, but only make it worse.

What you can do instead is use your bicycle as often as possible, therefore, increasing blood flow in a very healthy way. Similar to walking, it promotes circulation and, at the same time, protects your joints from injuries. Your calf muscles will also get stronger, which means that general leg health will improve. It doesn’t matter what type of bicycle you use as long as you do all the pedaling.

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