20 Marking Hacks

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Don’t be Afraid to Hack that Tool!

There’s no shortage of specialized tools on the market, and many of them make marking quick and easy. But that doesn’t change the fact that it always seems like the right tool for your specific job is back home or still sitting on the shelf at the hardware store. That’s why it’s important to learn to not fear adapting your tools on hand to complete your project. A perfect example is this clothespin scribing tool sent in by reader Bruce Kieffer.

Tack Trim in Place While Marking

One of the easiest places to make a mistake when laying trim is when transferring measurements from wall to saw station. Eliminate that risk with this simple hack! Set the trim in place and make your mark directly on the wall where it will be installed. If the trim piece has too much wobble to hold in place, set it with a temporary brad nail. Pop the brad out the back when you remove the trim piece, and you’ll only have a tiny hole to fill during installation.

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