20 Baby Photography Tips for Beginners

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Baby Photography Tips and Guide for Beginners

A while ago, we shared the #1 tip from experts in kids photography. But how about baby photography tips?

Photographing a baby can be as challenging as photographing a kid, if not more. Newborns have their own minds, and sometimes their mood can get in the way of your work. But if you know how to get around it, you’ll be able to ace newborn photography.

We’ve got some important baby photography tips that will help you get through the process. To begin with, there are a few tips and tricks that are on the generic end, which applies to shooting babies of ages 0-3, and there are more professional techniques you can adopt for each kind of baby, for example, toddlers or newborns.

1. Dress them up

Florals, checks, fall collection by Gucci, you name it. Babies grow up so fast, so help the parents cherish this time and creating the best memory ever. Suggest a few fashion options to parents, play with themes, colours and styles and dress up the babies in creative, adorable ways that get your heart melting. This will be great for a custom baby photo book that you can easily make yourself.

2. Set up a home studio for baby photography

Babies will look more lively and comfortable in an environment that they are familiar with, so instead of getting them into a studio, set up your work studio in your home itself. Bring in lots of pillows, cushions, blankets and set them up against a window, on the dining table or near the cozy corner of the living room.

Remember the natural lighting rule, and use the props to make the baby more comfortable. Another great option is to do the session in your clients’ house, but make sure beforehand that the space gives you ample natural light, and minimum clutter in the background.

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