17 Popular Types of Saws for Woodworking & Carpentry

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The saw has become an indispensible tool to cut wood and even metal. However, you can’t cut everything with one type of saw.

There are different types of saws to accomplish different types of cuts. Here we will talk about 17 types of saws, how they compare to other types of saws, what their benefits are and where they are used.

1. Coping saw

Coping Saw

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The coping saw is a popular woodworking saw. It is simple and unpretensious to look at, consisting of a thin blade inside a D shaped frame but it is very useful.

There are different types of blades in coping saws to cut wood and metal. The most useful feature of a coping saw is you can remove the blade, insert it through a hole you’ve drilled and cut profiles.

Coping saws are frequently used to cut curves and fashion dovetails, moldings and joining. A coping saw is not a precision tool but they are still very useful.

2. Crosscut saw


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Crosscut saws cut wood perpendicular to the grain of the wood. It is the exact opposite of a rip saw, which is used to cut wood parallel to the grain.

Cross cut saws come in a variety of sizes. Small crosscut saws are used in precision woodworking while the larger ones are used in coarse woodwork.

Crosscut saws are also one of the oldest type of saw used. There is proof that the ancient Romans used crosscut saws. Crosscut saws typically cut on the push stroke, like most Western saws.

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