15 Exercises to See Your Dream Body in the Mirror

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Alternating arms

  • Lie down, and keep your knees in a half-bent position.
  • Take the weights and alternate arms.
  • Make sure your weights don’t touch the floor. One palm is facing down, the other one is facing up.
  • Exhale and inhale freely while alternating arms.

Dumbbell press and dumbbell fly

  • Lie down, and keep your knees in half-bent position.
  • Take your dumbbells. Perform a dumbbell press with one arm and a dumbbell fly with the other one.
  • Alternate arms.
  • When you’re done with one set, change hands and repeat.
  • Exhale when lifting your hand.

Exercises for your back muscles

Include these exercises in your workout to prevent problems with your spine and posture. Performing this set of exercises, such as dumbbell rows and swings, will keep your back young and healthy.

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