15 Best Watches for Men Under $100

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Watches make a wonderful fashion statement about who you are and how important your personal style is to you. But the price on nice watches keeps many who want their watches to be in sync with the most recent fashion trends from fulfilling that desire.

If you relate with the previous paragraph, then this list is perfect for you: a series of watches that are cool while also allowing you to pay the month’s rent. Here’s a breakdown of the top affordable men’s watches under a $100 budget.

Seiko Automatic Watch

The Seiko Automatic is inspired by military grade watches with its navy blue canvas band, brushed stainless steel case, and military grade numerals. There’s also a clear display on the analog face for the current date (month and the day).


MVMT Classic White/Black Leather

MVMT is a new, highly successful watch brand that’s already sold 500,000 timepieces in a few years. And this option is a minimalist’s dream with a comfortable black leather strap, large white watch face, and silver lining. The simple look is perfect for any work, casual, or formal outfit.


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