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What are the best games on the Apple Watch? We round up the 13 best Apple Watch games currently available to download, as well as 4 games we’d love to see on the platform in future

What are the best games on Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2?

The Apple Watch doesn’t seem obviously suited to gaming, thanks to its small screen and necessarily one-handed control method. (Admittedly, those things didn’t hold back the Game & Watch.) But with Apple’s enormous user base buying the watch in large numbers, the stage is set for canny games developers to swoop in and make a killing.

Games devs will need to work with the limitations of the hardware and come up with something innovative and fun, but there are plenty of companies with the experience and skills to do this. After all, many of the best games on iOS are ones that embrace its compact, bite-sized nature and touchscreen controls: it’s hard to imagine Super Hexagon and Ridiculous Fishing being made in a world of consoles.

Below, we look at the best games on the Apple Watch currently available, and discuss our wishlist of games from other platforms that we hope will make the transition to Apple Watch soon. If you’ve got any suggestions of your own, add them to the comments on this article.

Best Apple Watch games: Best Fiends

A free-to-play, IAP-dependent puzzler in the style of Candy Crush, Best Fiends isn’t the sort of iPhone game we pay-snobs tend to go for, but they’re crowd-pleasers. Gamers find themselves exploring the lands of Minutia, trying to find treasure and avoid dangerous obstacles with turn-based gameplay (on the watch anyway). Unlock rewards that can be used in the Best Fiends app for your iPhone to upgrade your characters, discover new powers and defeat your enemies, the Slugs.

£8.99 | Cosmos Rings on App Store

Best Apple Watch games: Best Fiends

Best Apple Watch games: Cosmos Rings
Developed by Square Enix – high-pedigree makers of such vintage RPGs as Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana – Cosmos Rings is being talked up as the world’s first RPG exclusive to the Apple Watch. Whether that’s accurate or not, we’re still pretty excited about this slick offering.

True to the publisher’s legacy, Cosmos Rings is a roleplaying adventure, but it’s one that is tuned to the strengths and limitations of the Apple Watch: it’s simplistic and playable in tiny bursts… or you can just let it play itself most of the time. You’ll need the screen on for the boss fights and during the last three minutes of each play attempt, but otherwise there’s gradual progress being made while you’re in a meeting or taking a nap. That’s handy.

But if you actually pay the game a small amount of attention, the rewards and progress are significantly amplified. In battle, you can tap the screen to bring up your skill relics, which recharge and rotate into view when available – and tapping each one adds, for instance, a massive power boost to your next attack. Keep tapping these skills in succession and you’ll create even more damaging chain attacks.

You can be hands-on or laissez-faire, then, but we like the choice: you’ll still make slow and steady progress simply by checking in a few times during the day, or you can spend a couple minutes really playing it and significantly enhance the rewards.

The premium price point might surprise some mobile gaming fans, but Cosmos Rings has been rocking our wrists since it launched. We’ve been pulled into its progressive grind more so than with any other Apple Watch game to date. Andrew Hayward

£8.99 | Cosmos Rings on App Store

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