12 Fruit Trees You Can Grow Indoors For An Edible Yield

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Why on earth would you want to grow a fruit tree in your house?

Why on earth wouldn’t you?

If you’ve got the space, growing a dwarf fruit tree in your home has some excellent perks. Aside from the usual benefits of a houseplant such as beautiful foliage and clean air, you get the added benefit of fruit.

Fruit trees are visually appealing and offer a nice change from the average spider plant or philodendron.

Some things to consider

What you are looking for as far as fruit trees are concerned are dwarf varieties. These are trees that are grafted onto specific rootstock that will stay small and compact.

That being said, even dwarf varieties can grow much larger than is reasonable for an indoor plant, so the occasional pruning is necessary to keep their size manageable.

These days, it’s easy to find dwarf fruit trees.

While I always encourage you to support your local nursery, even your big home and garden chains like Lowes and Home Depot carry them.

If you can’t find the fruit tree variety you are searching for locally; you can find it online. Amazon offer a huge variety of indoor fruit trees.

Most of these trees do well in a container. And you may be surprised how many different types of fruit trees you can grow indoors.

If you purchase a tree from a nursery, you may need to repot it right away if the roots are severely cramped. If that’s the case you’ll want to lightly prune the roots and loosen them before repotting your tree. Choose a pot only slightly larger than the one it came in.

If you purchase a tree online, most likely it will come bare. That is to say, it won’t be planted in a pot with dirt. Inspect the roots and trim any that may have been damaged during shipping before planting your tree. Water your newly planted tree thoroughly.

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