11 Rare Watches the World’s Rich Guys Will Fight Over This Weekend

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Rolex Reference 4113 Split Second Chronograph

Estimate: CHF 800,000–1,600,000 ($824,266–$1,648,465)

Rare can be an overstatement, but this watch actually deserves it. Rolex only made twelve of these watches in the ’40s and gave them away as gifts to race car drivers like Ettore Bugatti. The model you’re looking at is one of only eight that have been found to date.

Rolex Zerographe Reference 4336

Estimate: CHF 250,000–500,000 ($257,571–$515,145)

Rolex’s Zerographe prototypes were the first watches in the world to boast rotating bezels, a feature now found on Rolex’s GMT and Submariner. Because each one is essentially a one-off, “to find one, it’s like a unicorn,” Boutros said.

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