10 Web Development Companies You Want To Work With

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Despite seemingly everyone having a web product, it’s borderline impossible to find someone reliable, who actually answers and who actually does the work to a quality that’s above “I made a Tumblr.” This leaves a lot of people falling into¬†well-documented pitfallsassociated with web development because you hired the wrong person or did a terrible job yourself. I’d put myself in both camps.

There’s also a big advantage to doing external development. It’s really easy to get stuck in your own head, and an objective perspective is exactly what you need to appeal to, well, your audience, who are most likely objective. I did some digging and, along with a few suggestions from professional contacts, pulled together places you can either outsource to entirely or find the right person to do so.


Toptal is known as a place for hiring freelance developers to join your team directly, but in 2015 they quietly started offering fully-managed projects for select clients. I’ve heard good things about their finished products, and they differentiate themselves by making sure to scour the top-level of freelance talent. Less than 3% of applicants make it to the pool, to the point that Fox Business¬†covered how brutal you’ll find Toptal’s screening process. They can handle a lot of different tasks, somehow offering a network of thousands of senior web developers, designers, and QA specialists across 93 countries. It’s a much more reliable option than most.

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