10 Terrific Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

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3. Roll your head to ease limb pain.

Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling that “pins and needles” sensation in our arms is something many of us have experienced. This is because sometimes while sleeping, we roll over and inadvertently sleep on our arms or our hands, which causes an obstruction to the normal blood flow and leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen being received by that body part.

To relieve this pain, rather than trying shake your arms or “wake them up,” try moving your head from side to side. This should help decrease the pain because nerves in the neck go straight down from your head to your arms.

4. Frighten yourself to stop your hiccups.

There’s never just one hiccup. When a bout of hiccups comes on, it seems almost impossible that it will ever stop, although they do eventually stop after a few minutes in most cases. To stop hiccups in a jiffy, ask someone to suddenly scare you or surprise you.

This sudden action causes the heart to beat fast and increases the blood circulation. And at the same time diverts our attention from the hiccups.

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