10 Pieces of Advice for Scaling Your Web Design Business

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We’ve all seen stories of designers who quit their day-jobs to freelance, only to end up building a design empire from the ground up. While those who choose to start freelancing possess an unrivalled ambition, it takes a unique mix of strategic thinking and tenacity to scale a one-person operation into a fully developed business that manages dozens of employees and clients.

Luckily at Shopify, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many individuals who have found success building profitable web design firms — all from their humble beginnings as freelancers. And in the supportive nature of our community, we asked ten of them to share the biggest factors that influenced the growth of their businesses to help those of you striving to do the same.

We hope their insights will inspire you to push forward when things get tough, and overcome the growing pains that come along with scaling any business.

1. Start pushing your limits

“I think testing your bandwidth is so important. We really started growing when we decided to take on a ton of work. We had no idea what we were capable of until we backed ourselves into a corner with an obscene workload. My advice would be to take on more work than you can handle, discover your limit, then use that as a catalyst for growth.”

— Nick van Gorden, Duck & Cover.

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