10 of the best watches to own, according to an expert collector

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1. Omega Speedmaster

I’ve become really attached to the ubiquitous Omega Speedmaster in so many of its forms. The Omega Speedmaster is a timepiece with so much variety, and yet so many of them are incredibly worth owning because of how well they totally incorporate what is “right” with high-end sports watches. What was originally a racing chronograph completely changed its personality when Omega had some luck with the US Government and NASA, and Speedmaster timepieces were sent into space and worn by astronauts to the moon.

Since then, the Omega Speedmaster has seen countless variations and forms – the best of which demonstrate the Speedmaster’s ability to be beautiful, useful, and versatile.

There are few watches with so much lasting value for such a variety of owners. I don’t care what Omega Speedmaster you get, or if you have a bunch of them – everyone who loves watches needs some Speedmaster in their life.2. Rolex Submariner

The amount of content written about the Rolex Submariner over the years could easily fill up a small library. This is probably the most copied watch design in the world, yet people still flock to the original. Rolex has essentially been making the same design since the 1950s, which is at its core a professional diving watch that was so well designed, it ends up looking good even with a tuxedo.

It would be easy to say that the Rolex Submariner is just a good looking watch with a good name on the dial — but it is more than that. Rolex more or less created he casual luxury sport watch craze with the Submariner. Always fantastically produced, the Rolex Submariner is perhaps the first do anything, go anywhere, superhero watch that became a pop culture icon because all it was trying hard at was being the best of breed. Rolex continues to improve the Submariner each few years, and the collection continues to get better and better. Even so, with each new iteration, previous generations don’t go out of style, and the Rolex Submariner will likely never lose its soul. You just really need to own at least one to understand what so many before you have understood.

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