10 Exercises That Can Help Tone Your Buttocks Even if You’re a Lazybones

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We all want to get a fit butt when summer’s coming. And now we only have a few days left to build the body of our dreams using some reliable exercises.

Bright Side is fed up with boring squats: here are some exercises that even the laziest couch potatoes will like. You can customize the number of reps and sets depending on your physical shape and abilities.

1. Leg straightening

Starting position: your pelvis remains on the edge of the bed, bend your legs at right angles, and lift them in the air. Start straightening your legs keeping them in the air and contracting your buttocks. This exercise is aimed at the gluteus maximus.

2. Blade bridge

Starting position: extend your arms out, shoulder blades remain on the edge of the bed, the trunk “freezes” above the floor. Lift your pelvis, forming a right angle. Remember that the more your legs are extended, the easier this exercise will be.

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