10 Easy Moves That Tone Your Butt Far Better Than Squats

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6. Fire Hydrant


  1. Get on your hands and knees. Make sure your elbows are locked and your torso is parallel to the ground with your head facing down. This is the starting position.
  2. Keeping the knee in the bent position, part the thigh from the midline of the body and make a 90 degree angle between the thighs.
  3. Pause when you’re at 90 degrees and then slowly return to the initial position. Make sure you pull your belly in during this movement.
  4. Repeat using both thighs doing 3 sets of 10 reps.

The fire hydrant is great lower body exercise that helps to tone the glutes and shape the outer thighs. The lower body, especially the thighs and glutes, is an area where the body holds excess weight that is kind of hard to shed and maintain. In addition to your daily routine, fire hydrant tightens your glutes and shreds the extra layer of fat from your thighs.

The remaining moves are some yoga poses that are suggested by Dr Padmavati Maharana, PhD in Yoga and also the Director of Rangiora Yoga Studio, in New Zealand. According to her, these poses are helpful for the butt, core, and general muscle growth and since they’re yoga poses, they come with several other benefits that we will discuss here.

7. Tiger stretch


It stretches the back muscles and the spine and loosens up the hips and thighs. It can also help with joint pains in the targeted area and it stimulates the nervous, lymphatic, and reproductive systems. Apart from that, it tones up the muscles of the digestive system, boosting metabolism and promoting digestion.


  1. Get on the floor on all fours on your hands and knees and make sure your elbows are locked and straight.
  2. Now bend your left knee trying to touch your nose to your knee (if you can’t reach, just get it as close as possible).
  3. Take your bent leg as high as it will go for a positive effect on your hip and back. Use your hand if it seems a little hard to hold that position. (as shown in the image)
  4. Don’t forget to inhale when you touch your knee to your nose and exhale when you extend your leg.
  5. Now repeat the movement back and forth slowly, without pause.
  6. Do 5 reps on both legs.


8. Crescent Lunge


This pose stretches your hips, legs, and groin area, and expands the front of your body. It reduces stress and fatigue, and improves your concentration. It works on skills like stability, strength, and flexibility for your body and also helps with Sciatica pain.


  1. Stand straight.
  2. Make the transition to a downward facing dog (both of your hands on the floor while keeping your hips and body up in the shape of a triangle).
  3. Come into a high lunge moving one of your feet between your hands, and raise your torso upward while inhaling.
  4. Keep your palms close to achieving the proper position.
  5. Make sure you keep your body straight and there should be no curve to your back. And also the legs should be vertical to the ground at 90 degrees.
  6. Hold this pose as long as possible. if you can’t go that extreme, follow the 2nd image.


9. Malasana (Deep Squat)


It helps with the stretching of the hips and groin area and stretches your neck, hamstrings, spine, and ankles. It’s a delight for pelvic and hip joints while aiding digestion and improving metabolism.


  1. Sit in the staff pose, like in the first image above.
  2. Bend your knees one by one, make sure your calves are touching your thighs. At the beginning it might be little hard, so don’t push it — you’ll get there.
  3. Lean forward so that your torso is between your thighs and raise up into a squat.
  4. Squat on your feet and move your hips outward as much as you can.
  5. Move your toes diagonally in opposite directions and move your palms together in front of your chest (pranama position).
  6. Hold this for as long as you can.


10. Utkatasana (Awkward Pose)


This pose corrects the posture and improves the balance of your body. It reduces stress and helps with depression. It tones up the leg muscles, strengthens the ankles, and shapes up the butt and thigh muscles. It also stimulates the function of the heart. If you have flat feet, it can help you with that too.


  1. Stand straight.
  2. Raise your arms vertical to the ground while keeping your palms together.
  3. Bend your knees and exhale, try going down as much as you can by taking your tailbone toward the floor.
  4. Come back to the starting pose in reverse with an inhalation.
  5. Hold the position for as long as you can and repeat it 5 times.
  6. Use a support just like the other pic, if it’s hard for you to hold the position.

Do you think you have some better moves or any tricks? Feel free to drop them in the comments! And don’t forget to share the moves if you liked them.

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