10 Easy Life Hacks for Whitening Your Teeth

These natural remedies are some of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth, without the need for a dentist appointment.

10 Easy Life Hacks for Whitening Your Teeth

From lemons to strawberries, you are bound to have most of these ingredients in your kitchen already, so why not give them a shot? All for varying reasons, these life hacks for whitening your teeth are easy to use, and will brighten your smile instantly.

Even the most stained and discolored teeth are no match for the natural fighting powers of these ingredients and remedies. You’re only seconds away from a whiter and healthier smile.

Baking Soda

Preventing and diminishing both plaque and discoloration, baking soda can be used as one of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth. To use, you will simply brush your teeth with toothpaste added with a 1/4 tablespoon of baking soda.

This will turn into a paste-like substance, and you will wash your teeth off once done with lukewarm water. Not to be done every night and morning, this baking soda trick works great for a needed boost to diminish any yellow peaking through.


Believe it or not, lemons work great for brightening your smile. As one of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth, you’ll only have to rub a lemon peel on your teeth to see the best properties of the fruit.

Though lemons might not be your first choice to be putting in your mouth, you could even take it one step further, and add a mixture of salt to your teeth. Rub it all around your mouth and swish it with water so the bleaching properties can properly react and extract the yellow coloring from your teeth.

Orange Peels

A remedy that people often use before bed, rub some fresh orange peels onto your teeth before hitting the hay. This works well because of the vitamin C found in the peels, as it will ward off bacteria as well as brighten the color of your teeth.

Plus, it’s much more appealing (no pun intended) to taste than lemon and salt. So the choice is up to you!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and they also keep away unwanted stains on your pearly whites. For best results if eaten once a day, the acidic content in the fruit will allow you to scrub your teeth, and rid the yellow color that is not unappealing.

Keeping teeth white, and promoting a healthier mouth, apples are certainly used as one of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth, along with good health, and energy all day long. Chomp on one every morning, and you’re sure to see a difference.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this one before, as the craze of activated charcoal has hit the web for impressively white grills. Charcoal has a bunch of crystal-based chemicals that prevent plaque and yellow coloring from accumulating.

You will simply apply the activated charcoal to your toothpaste to brush with it like normal. Add a little water, and you’re good to go. Though it might seem a little scary at first, as your teeth appear completely black, the results are well worth the minute of looking in the mirror.


Yes, we hate to bring up salt again, but we need to touch on why it makes for one of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth. Salt has some of the best natural cleansing properties to prevent yellow coloring in your teeth.

Able to restore your white color, salt powder works great if brushed onto the teeth once a week. And we promise it’s not as bad as you think. Mix in some baking soda, and you’ve got a great remedy for teeth whitening, only required to do once a week.


Now let’s talk about something much tastier: strawberries. Due to the vitamin C in the fruit, strawberries are your new best friend when it comes to whitening your teeth. Simply grind up some strawberries in a mixer, add the paste to your toothbrush, and brush away with some cool water.

It is recommended for best results to practice this method two times a day, and you’ll be sure to see a dramatic change in the brightness of your smile. Plus, it tastes great!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another ingredient that works great mixed in with our number one remedy, baking soda, is hydrogen peroxide. You will take two tablespoons of the ingredient to mix with three teaspoons of baking soda. Treat this paste as your new toothpaste for the time, as should be brushed throughout your teeth like so.

As one of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth, you can also find a mouthwash that contains this ingredient, and it can be easily gargled with to see similar results. However, while using the brushing method, this should be used sparingly, as it can cause irritation to some.

Banana Peels

Banana peels contain potassium, manganese, and many other manifold minerals that will penetrate deep into your teeth and fix discoloration.

And just like the orange peel, you should simply take the fresh banana peel and rub it on your teeth. This practice should be done three times a week for the best results. An easy way to prevent future stains and fix old ones, we’re sure you’ve got a banana in the kitchen you could use right now.

Dark Chocolate

To complete our list of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth, we wanted to end on a very appealing note, chocolate! Because who doesn’t love to hear about the healthy qualities of chocolate?

Specifically dark chocolate, this ingredient is great for whitening teeth because of one ingredient: theobromine. Theobromine will not only prevent discoloration, but harden your tooth enamel, creating pearly whites that are also healthy and strong. Simply eat a few pieces of your favorite dark chocolate, and you’re doing your teeth some good.

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