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The simple beginner woodworking tips and tricks no one tells you and I wish I had known when I first started! Get better projects right off the bat!

When I started woodworking almost 8 years ago, I learned everything by following a few of my favorite builder bloggers.

When I stated out, my first few projects weren’t much to write about.

One side was shorter than the other side.

Boards didn’t line up like they should.

Does that sound familiar?

Every newbie goes through it.

Beginner Woodworking tips

Over time, I learned simple little tricks that make life so much easier. AND make my projects look a LOT better.

Honestly, these aren’t “tricks”… they are basic concepts that get lost in translation when it becomes second nature to someone who has been doing this for a long time.

Here are the basic woodworking tips to will help you get better results right off the bat.

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